Sunday, July 17, 2016

Silver Lake

If you haven't been up any of the canyons in Utah, then you are missing out. They are incredibly beautiful in the summer time (winter too, but hiking in snow is not really my thing...pretty much anything in snow isn't my thing). After this hike we did, I completely understand why people love summer and hiking here.

Yesterday we hiked the Silver Lake trail, up American Fork Canyon, with some of our favorite people. We didn't hike the whole thing since it was 4.5 miles one way and we unfortunately weren't prepared with enough water. So we went a little over half way and it was beautiful! Our original plan was to hike the Tibble Fork Reservoir loop (which was supposed to be fairly moderate in skill level) but we got to the canyon only to find out it has been closed since June 1st for construction. I am really glad we found another hike to do though, instead of turning around to leave.

Getting to the trail was pretty easy, but the last few miles were up the side of a mountain on an unpaved, bumpy, dirt road. Luckily it wasn't too bad for us since our truck has 4WD. Also, I am definitely scared of heights. We were on the side of the mountain and when I looked down my palms immediately started to sweat. They are actually sweating right now as I write this/think about it. I guess I have never known how scared I really am of heights. Now we know.

Once we got to the reservoir where the trail started, we parked and started going up a road that Anthony swore would turn into the can guess where this is going. Long story short, it didn't turn into the trail and after asking someone where we went wrong we turned around. Once we got to the actual trailhead, it was great!! It was seriously so beautiful. I cannot say that enough. I am sad it took us half the summer to actually get out and do something like this!! Now we know to get our butts out the door and go sooner! But for now, I cannot wait to get out to camp and hike away the rest of summer!

Here's the highlight real from the 171 pictures I actually took.... Also, a BIG thank you to Autumn and Brad (Fitz too!!) for being such good looking models and letting me take photos of them.

I think they love the truck more than we do!

She secretly loves dogs ;)

Fist pump for standing like a big kid!

My people

Ok Utah, I guess you are pretty beautiful...

Looking real focused...

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